The Irish American Heritage Center

The Irish American Heritage Center 


The Irish community has a long history in the city of Chicago going back to the 1850s. With so much history in the community, there’s so much celebration when it comes to being Irish. From the St. Patrick’s day parade in the loop, South Side Irish Parade, and even dying the river green. The Irish Community has  a lot to be proud about when it comes to their culture.

Irish American Heritage Center

The Irish American Heritage Center has been around since 1976 and opened around 1985. They’re the only Irish American Center in the city and state with members around the country. They host events for their community and other communities as well. Like many other organizations, a lot of their events have either been cancelled or postponed. Closing the center means they have to cancel events and everything they do there. The center would’ve been preparing for Irish Fest that they host at the center in July. With Covid-19, they’re main priority is their community and keeping everyone  safe. They’re rescheduling events for later in the year or into next year. Even though they can’t do in person events, they have switched over to doing virtual events like yoga sessions on their Facebook page. Also, making sure to stay in touch with the community and keeping everyone up to date as possible.

The Irish American Heritage Center has years of history and culture in Chicago. They keep their community and generations connected to their history. They even provide genealogy research so people can trace back their roots. Also, having a pub where people can eat, drink, and enjoy themselves doesn’t hurt. Hopefully, when we can get back to our new normal everyone can check out and learn more about the Irish community at the center.

Make sure to check out their website to learn more https://irish-american.org

by Raven Palmer