Gourmet Kits

We have exciting news here at Ethnic Events. We’re proud to announce that we’re doing Gourmet Kits. You might wonder what exactly is a Gourmet Kit?? This foodie experience is a new way for customers to still enjoy select meals from restaurants. With our “new normal” and restaurants opening back up, not everyone feels comfortable to sit down and eat. So why not have those foodies have a different type of experience to enjoy their meals. 

    The gourmet kit will come in a package, it will have ingredients, paper instructions, and a link to watch a video on how to make the meal as well. Customers can order the kits off the company’s website or any food service app. You can either pick up your order or have it dropped off to you. We know making food is an experience within itself that everyone can enjoy. 

We’ll have more announcements about the Gourmet kit within the next couple weeks.

    Feel free to sign up here to receive more news about the Gourmet kit, so you can start ordering your meals from some amazing businesses we’ve collaborated with.

By Raven Palmer

Raven Palmer

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