Summer is usually the time people look forward to going out, exploring, and finding new things to enjoy along with the warm weather, a time where they spend time with family and friends. Everyone knows that Coronavirus has limited the way people today can socialize. Many states are actually taking a step back in phases due to the overwhelming positive tests that resulted from opening too soon or without enough preparation to make it safe. Although this does make it difficult, this does not make it impossible to still have fun and enjoy events while still staying safe.


Here are some ways to enjoy the Summer while still staying safe during these unprecedented times:

  • Modified Events are a new and growing trend during these times, from drive through art shows to bringing back drive-in movie theatres, people are learning to adapt to the times and still have an enjoyable experience.
  • Beaches and Parks are open so there is plenty of fun activities that are still safe while exercising social distancing.

For those wishing to make the best out of the situation make sure to check out the website as new events are posted every week. For more direct updates make sure to sign up for our Newsletter with emails about events!

While many states are beginning to open up and others are just beginning to shut down once again, the question remains “How will this affect Fourth of July events?”. Florida is closing down several beaches in an attempt to soften the blow that re-opening bars and restaurants has made on COVID-19 cases. While being one of the first states to open back up, many other states have a “rough-draft” plan of action to hopefully improve upon. This being said, many Fourth of July Events are still going as planned with subtle changes to accommodate for social distancing and safety. Here are some of the possible changes that you may see at these events that you should look for and take advantage of to reduce the spread of the virus while still having an enjoyable event. 

  • Hand Sanitizer/Hand Washing Stations are a huge way to cut on any possible spread by contact, be sure to wash regularly. If possible bring your own hand sanitizer just to be safe.
  • Distancing “Plots” to layout and watch the fireworks will be in some but not all Fourth of July Events to make sure viewers are appropriately distanced from others.
  • Drive-In Parking Lots will be utilized for some events so that viewers can still see the fireworks while in the comfort of their car.
  • Ample Bathroom Stalls will be made to accommodate for large groups while still avoiding long lines. Be sure to wash your hands extra when dealing with such items that come into contact with many.

To help reduce the spread of Coronavirus, many events have been cancelled altogether. Make sure to research your events to ensure that it is not only still happening, but that you can follow their recommendations and have a great time while still staying safe.   Here are some summer events happening in Chicago and one July 4th Fireworks Celebration in Valparaiso, Indiana 

If you know of any good events in your area, that you want to share, please feel free to submit an event here. 

By Ruben Lopez

maxresdefault-750x422Milwaukee has been missing something like this, and after attending a few pretty fantastic events at Best Place recently my hopes were high. It really is an impressively unique and genuine space, regardless of your level of fondness for the brew of choice (PBR’s just not my cup of tea). I’m glad to see that the team at this location is taking the bull by its horns and trying to do new things. Maybe in a couple of years, this will be an event that becomes a staple of the MKE holiday season, but it’s not quite there yet.

The food was decent, reasonably priced and promptly served. Bavarian classics such as brats, schnitzel, pretzels, sauerkraut and the like gave it a welcome Oktoberfest-goes-to-overtime feel. The drink selection was a little disappointing in both range and value. There was an option to buy a small mug of glühwein for $7 with $5 refills, which just didn’t feel like a mind blowing offer given the serving size. Beer was similarly pricey and also on the small side. For Chicago’s market – sure, but this isn’t even downtown Milwaukee, so you’d hope for a little better value.

The vendors and entertainment were full of local spirit and authenticity. The sight of a few middle aged gents wearing short, tight lederhosen on a brisk November evening shows an impressive albeit slightly unnecessary level of commitment to the craft. Ein prosit to you, good sirs, and may we see you again next year, hopefully alongside a few more vendors, a less cramped layout and cheaper drinks.