NBA – Summer Update

Sports are just starting to come back and while people are still quarantining, they are all looking for any and all entertainment. With safety as the number one priority, there are a ton of factors stopping players from being able to compete smoothly. This being said, one of the main events to look forward to is the continuation of the NBA season. 

To make a safe environment for 22 teams and their full rosters, there are a lot of preparations to make sure that they can keep the spread of coronavirus down to virtually being nonexistent. DisneyWorldResorts has made preparations for a metaphorical “bubble” to keep players that have tested negative for coronavirus away from the outside community. This way, the teams can compete and finish the season with the top remaining teams while still keeping the most people safe. 

Players, Coaches, and essential staff will be the only people allowed in the bubble and the stadiums will be empty during games and scrimmages. It is projected that family and guests of the players will be allowed to arrive starting August 30th but this will be kept in consideration if cases and situations are to grow.

Throughout the continuation of the season and finals, players will be forced to stay in the bubble, unable to leave the resort. One player broke protocol and was punished with a lockdown for 8 days. Reportedly the player crossed the line to pick up a postmates delivery meal. Along with strict guidelines on staying in the bubble, players will test everyday and get results back the following morning. Every player also has been distributed a wearable biometric device to monitor any symptoms which will be able to predict some early symptoms. One of the less controllable aspects of the game that the organization is trying to monitor is the act of players licking their fingers during games as well as high fives and unnecessary contact. While some is habitual and not enforceable, it is encouraged that all players take a good look at these actions that could involuntarily cause spread.

The schedule is planned as follows:


Individual workouts are allowed and mandatory, but team workouts will not be allowed


Teams will travel and train in Orlando, to be allowed to practice/play players must test negative twice


Teams will play 8 games to decide seeding, eliminated teams will be removed from the bubble

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If there are ties between teams in the eighth seed, they will have to plan-in





Sports Fans all over the nation are looking forward to the return of the game. The entertainment that we all love and enjoy will be back and although it may come in a different form, we must appreciate that such an event can even happen in such a time. For more events, online and in person, browse the ethnic.events website to find unique cultural experiences near you!

Written by Ruben Lopez

Nitha Nagubadi

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