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Inside the Dala Horse Factory ONLINE

Inside the Dala Horse Factory ONLINE


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Inside the Dala Horse Factory ONLINE
May 18 @ 9:00 am – 10:00 am
Join us for an inside look at the Nils Olsson Dala Horse factory in Nusnäs, Sweden. We will visit the factory via Zoom where you see how a Dala horse is made as well as learn about the history of the horse.

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In connection to this event the Museum is offering a Dala horse/rooster/pig painting event online. For more information click here.

About Dala horse production
Nusnäs is the centre of Dala horse production with the most famous being the Nils Olsson and Grannas Olsson workshops. The horses made at these workshops share the same familiar pattern which most people associate to Dala horses.

The horses are sawed and carved by hand. Because of this, no two horses are exactly alike. The horses are dipped in primer immediately after carving, to reveal any defects in the wood that may need to be fixed. After priming, any cavities in the wood are filled in to ensure extra smoothness. The horses are polished to give them a smooth, attractive finish.

After sanding, the horses are dipped into paint of the appropriate color. The traditional pattern is painted free-hand by practiced “ripple” painters. The art of rippling requires great skill and takes many years to learn. Finally, “all the fine horses” are varnished and sent out from Nusnäs to serve as a symbol of Sweden in the outside world.