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Sanctuary: A Haitian Passport and the Holocaust

Sanctuary: A Haitian Passport and the Holocaust


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Join Historian Dr. Cranston Knight for his monthly lecture via Zoom with special guest Artist Robert Sutz, presented by HAMOC.

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Half a million Jews lived in Germany in 1933, primarily in Berlin. Nevertheless, as political power changed as a result of Nazism, a wave of Jewish emigration began. The new Regime quickly passed a series of Racial Decrees, known as the Nuremberg Laws, which made life intolerable for all Jews. It ended their illegibility to be citizens, to marry non-Jews, hold office, or employment in many sectors of the economy. They were categorized as “subjects” and became nationless in their own country.

Come learn how Haiti became a place of refuge for many Jewish families.

This is a FREE event with a $10 suggested donation to the museum.


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