Natural Hair Oil

Join us on February 20th at 10:30am with Dr. Hair oil aka Sharon. You’ll make your own hair oil which is filled with natural ingredients, useable for all hair types, and hair growth. For $15 you can make your own hair oil. Each box you’ll get all the materials that are needed to help you make […]

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Bath Bombs & Shower Steamers

Join us for a self care event on February 20th with Freedomlei State of Mind. Enjoy this virtual fun event, we’ll be making bath bombs and shower steamers. For $25 you’ll be making the shower steamer and for $30 you’ll make the bath bomb that will have CBD included. Each box you’ll get all the […]

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6th Annual Raices Gala

The Annual Raices Gala helps to raise the funds required for NMPRAC to continue to thrive as a cultural anchor in the City of Chicago as well as become the preferred destination for all those wanting to learn about the rich history, art, and culture of Puerto Rico. As the only self-standing Puerto Rican museum […]

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Summer 2020

Summer is usually the time people look forward to going out, exploring, and finding new things to enjoy along with the warm weather, a time where they spend time with family and friends. Everyone knows that Coronavirus has limited the way people today can socialize. Many states are actually taking a step back in phases […]

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