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Cultural Exploration Possible Wherever, Whenever

About Us

We are a Chicago based company. We started with the focus of making cultural exploration possible wherever we are.

We are committed to global diversity and awareness. More specifically we want to facilitate the opportunity for everyone to engage in experiences from various cultures that collectively represent the people of the USA.

We want people to be able to travel internationally right here in their cities in the USA and experience a different culture without having to get on a plane… We also want it to be easier for people to share their events and communities with others who may not normally have access.

“Doing what you like is freedom, liking what you do is happiness.”
― Sudha Murty

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Dr. Nitha Fiona Nagubadi


Doctorate in business psychology with research on foreign culture and creativity. 15 years experience managing international teams and projects for ecommerce programs for global brands. Passion for and extensive experience with organizing cultural events and diversity training. Created and produced content for an international TV channel and Film distribution for Indian content. Multicultural heritage and organizer of extensive community cultural events leadership and diversity events.

Raven Palmer

Marketing Manager

Recent grad from Columbia College Chicago with a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations. Even though I’m not a marketing major, I’ve always been interested in learning more about it. I believe combining my PR skills with my new marketing skills will help the team and myself reach our goals for our projects. When I’m not working I love to workout, go to concerts, and hangout with friends. Plus, I love trying different foods from other cultures and learning information I never knew before.

Karey Powell

Chief Technology Officer

Karey is the Head of Technology at A Software Engineer with over 10 years of experience in hands-on web and mobile app development, distributed systems, cloud infrastructure, testing, performance, scalability, and infrastructure security. Karey previously co-founded a funded fintech startup LoanCirrus and he works with a team of experts who knows how to engage customers to jointly define IT strategy and technology roadmap in response to complex business needs.

UX Team: 

Preson Lam





Ali Alamshahi


Zach Stevenot

Social Media Team – Columbia

Sales Team: