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DIC Ramadan Tarawih

DIC Ramadan Tarawih


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DIC is happy to announce that we will have Daily Tarawih prayers this Ramadan (8 rakahs) led by Hafez Shayan Mohammed Hamed and Hafez Safwan Mohammed Hashir. Based on the survey conducted prior to Ramadan, DIC believes that it can accommodate all those interested in attending daily Tarawih prayer downtown. As a result, we will not require daily registration but a one time registration that will allow a first come, first serve policy for attending Tarawih. Brothers and Sisters will be allowed on 5th floor first, then Sisters will overflow to 4th and Brothers to the 2nd. DIC will maintain all COVID Social Distancing protocols such as:

1. You must bring your own prayer rug

2. You must pass a temperature screening.

3. You must show a registered bar code for contact tracing by signing up for this event. This is just so we can be sure we have your information. You need not register daily, just once and show the bar code upon entry. This bar code will not be scanned but we need proof that we have your information. If you do not have this, you will have to sign in DAILY which will slow you and those trying to enter. You may sign up for any of the 30 days available and do not need to sign up for multiple days. Each attendee just needs one registration which can be re-used for the month. Each attendee should have his or her own barcode.

4. Bathrooms will only be open in the basement for emergency situations, you are highly encouraged to make wudu prior to arrival at DIC.

5. Each congregant must pray on designated and marked spaces which are 6 ft apart and every other row.

6. This only applies to Tarawih, Friday prayer still requires weekly registrations due to very high attendance.

Should numbers increase drastically from our Survey, DIC will alter the attendance policy but we believe that everyone will be able to be accommodated InshAllah.

If you have any questions or concerns, please e-mail brother Salman Azam from the board at:

Let’s work together to get the community back to the masjid this Ramadan after feeling the void last year because of the pandemic. It will take a team effort to ensure a safe and productive Ramadan Masjid experience in 2021.

-DIC Board.


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