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Support Black Owned Businesses

Support Black Owned Businesses

    When it comes to black owned businesses, they’re sometimes hard to find. They’re usually not on big platforms like Yelp or Google and if they are, they’re not shown on the first couple pages on the site. I chose to support black business, because for myself being black you don’t see a lot of black owned businesses in the spotlight. I want to see their businesses thrive so it can inspire others to start their own one day. And I know that my purchase and support will help that business grow in the long run.

    I want to highlight a few black owned businesses in Chicago that I’ve either been to or is on my bucket list. Since businesses are starting to open up again, I hope that people will check out black own businesses and continue to support the cause.

Semicolon– Semicolon Bookstore & Gallery is a black woman owned store in the West Loop. They host different events from wellness, art events, and book conversations. Created by DL Mullen in 2016, she wanted to bring the ultimate bookstore experience to everyone. Also, Semicolon gives back to the community by giving back to CPS in the form of books to up the literacy rates. This is a place where you can relax, buy new books, and being BYOB doesn’t hurt!

Bettye O Day Spa– Located in Hyde Park, Bettye O Day Spa specializes in having the first class experience for their customers. They make sure that guests are relaxed to have a tranquil experience. Bettey Odom wanted to bring her knowledge that she learned in Paris, to the African American community in Chicago. They specialize in facials, massages, mani/pedi, and so much more. They want to make sure that they address all concerns for all people of color when it comes to their skin.

Buddy Guy’s Legend- Located in the South Loop, Buddy Guy’s Legend is one of the few blues clubs left in Chicago. The club opened in 1989 by the blues musician Buddy Guy, who still comes to the club and performs when he’s in town. Also, hosting weekly events and having different artists come and perform. Besides seeing artists perform, guests can enjoy a Louisiana style menu while they listen to music.

Paul Chambers Salon– Paul Chambers Salon is located in the south loop co owned by Paul Chambers and Wendy Chambers. They’re passionate about educating clients and salon professionals about hair, especially when it comes to ethnic hair. They have clients from all backgrounds that come in to get their hair done. Plus, a thriving hair care line of products that they sell in the salon and online.

Batter & Berries– In 2012 Dr. Tanya & Craig Richardson brought a world class dining experience to the brunch scene. They wanted to bring the freshest food to their customers to experience no matter where they came from. Located in Lincoln Park, Batter & Berries are known for their world class French Toast and playing Chicago house music. I would highly recommend coming early since they do fill up very quickly. It’s first come first serve, but they do have a waitlist you can put your name on to get a table.

360 Mind Body and Soul– Located near the south side, 360 Mind Body and Soul is all about changing how people feel about fitness and themselves. They encourage their team and customers to stay motivated, manifest their goals, and find balance. This fitness center opened in 2010 by Ashanti Johnson. She struggled with her own weight issues, but she was able to figure out how to help herself on her own journey. Now she brings that knowledge to her team and customers to reach their own goals.

By Raven Palmer

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