Sports are just starting to come back and while people are still quarantining, they are all looking for any and all entertainment. With safety as the number one priority, there are a ton of factors stopping players from being able to compete smoothly. This being said, one of the main events to look forward to is the continuation of the NBA season. 

To make a safe environment for 22 teams and their full rosters, there are a lot of preparations to make sure that they can keep the spread of coronavirus down to virtually being nonexistent. DisneyWorldResorts has made preparations for a metaphorical “bubble” to keep players that have tested negative for coronavirus away from the outside community. This way, the teams can compete and finish the season with the top remaining teams while still keeping the most people safe. 

Players, Coaches, and essential staff will be the only people allowed in the bubble and the stadiums will be empty during games and scrimmages. It is projected that family and guests of the players will be allowed to arrive starting August 30th but this will be kept in consideration if cases and situations are to grow.

Throughout the continuation of the season and finals, players will be forced to stay in the bubble, unable to leave the resort. One player broke protocol and was punished with a lockdown for 8 days. Reportedly the player crossed the line to pick up a postmates delivery meal. Along with strict guidelines on staying in the bubble, players will test everyday and get results back the following morning. Every player also has been distributed a wearable biometric device to monitor any symptoms which will be able to predict some early symptoms. One of the less controllable aspects of the game that the organization is trying to monitor is the act of players licking their fingers during games as well as high fives and unnecessary contact. While some is habitual and not enforceable, it is encouraged that all players take a good look at these actions that could involuntarily cause spread.

The schedule is planned as follows:


Individual workouts are allowed and mandatory, but team workouts will not be allowed


Teams will travel and train in Orlando, to be allowed to practice/play players must test negative twice


Teams will play 8 games to decide seeding, eliminated teams will be removed from the bubble

Link for Livestream**


If there are ties between teams in the eighth seed, they will have to plan-in





Sports Fans all over the nation are looking forward to the return of the game. The entertainment that we all love and enjoy will be back and although it may come in a different form, we must appreciate that such an event can even happen in such a time. For more events, online and in person, browse the website to find unique cultural experiences near you!

Written by Ruben Lopez

Summer is usually the time people look forward to going out, exploring, and finding new things to enjoy along with the warm weather, a time where they spend time with family and friends. Everyone knows that Coronavirus has limited the way people today can socialize. Many states are actually taking a step back in phases due to the overwhelming positive tests that resulted from opening too soon or without enough preparation to make it safe. Although this does make it difficult, this does not make it impossible to still have fun and enjoy events while still staying safe.


Here are some ways to enjoy the Summer while still staying safe during these unprecedented times:

  • Modified Events are a new and growing trend during these times, from drive through art shows to bringing back drive-in movie theatres, people are learning to adapt to the times and still have an enjoyable experience.
  • Beaches and Parks are open so there is plenty of fun activities that are still safe while exercising social distancing.

For those wishing to make the best out of the situation make sure to check out the website as new events are posted every week. For more direct updates make sure to sign up for our Newsletter with emails about events!

While many states are beginning to open up and others are just beginning to shut down once again, the question remains “How will this affect Fourth of July events?”. Florida is closing down several beaches in an attempt to soften the blow that re-opening bars and restaurants has made on COVID-19 cases. While being one of the first states to open back up, many other states have a “rough-draft” plan of action to hopefully improve upon. This being said, many Fourth of July Events are still going as planned with subtle changes to accommodate for social distancing and safety. Here are some of the possible changes that you may see at these events that you should look for and take advantage of to reduce the spread of the virus while still having an enjoyable event. 

  • Hand Sanitizer/Hand Washing Stations are a huge way to cut on any possible spread by contact, be sure to wash regularly. If possible bring your own hand sanitizer just to be safe.
  • Distancing “Plots” to layout and watch the fireworks will be in some but not all Fourth of July Events to make sure viewers are appropriately distanced from others.
  • Drive-In Parking Lots will be utilized for some events so that viewers can still see the fireworks while in the comfort of their car.
  • Ample Bathroom Stalls will be made to accommodate for large groups while still avoiding long lines. Be sure to wash your hands extra when dealing with such items that come into contact with many.

To help reduce the spread of Coronavirus, many events have been cancelled altogether. Make sure to research your events to ensure that it is not only still happening, but that you can follow their recommendations and have a great time while still staying safe.   Here are some summer events happening in Chicago and one July 4th Fireworks Celebration in Valparaiso, Indiana 

If you know of any good events in your area, that you want to share, please feel free to submit an event here. 

By Ruben Lopez


Juneteenth, also known as Freedom Day, Jubilee Day and Cel-Liberation Day, is an American holiday celebrated on June 19. On June 19, 1865,

Our own Raven Palmer has listed the following celebrations going on today in Chicago:

March For US 2020 – Million Man March, Chicago 

his 1-Million-Man-March in Chicago, IL…. is FOR US! Let’s Rise Up Together & March on Juneteenth (June 19th), the oldest nationally celebrated commemoration of the ending of slavery in the United States. Let Them Hear Us, Let Them See Us! Injustice Anywhere Is Injustice Everywhere! Share This Page & This Cause! This is all the information you need to know for @marchforus2020 on Friday! Spread. Share. Let’s do this!⁣ ⁣ Start: near 701 S. State St. Chicago, IL. The street…

Black is Dope Sidewalk Sale

RECYCLED MODERN + NIA ANNE PHOTOGRAPHY JUNETEENTH SIDEWALK SALE BLACK IS DOPE MUSIC| ART| DOPE VIBES On Friday June 19th , come to your favorite shop and experience a new normal. Black is Dope SIdewalk Sale featuring local artisians whose voices are the threads that weave the fabric of black Chicago. Makers and Artisians: Photography-Art- Home Decor- Vintage Fashion and Much More. Black is Dope is a homage to blackness curated by Recycled Modern and a part of the Dope…

#Black Lives Matter Walk for Unity (social distanced)

Join us as we walk for unity When: Friday, June 19, 2020 – 5:00PM CST to 6:00PM CST Where: Starting at YBF (1348 N Sedgwick, Chicago, IL). Please text “YBF” to 31996 or email for additional details Social distanced Don’t forget your mask Feel free to bring your pet To donate:



When it comes to black owned businesses, they’re sometimes hard to find. They’re usually not on big platforms like Yelp or Google and if they are, they’re not shown on the first couple pages on the site. I chose to support black business, because for myself being black you don’t see a lot of black owned businesses in the spotlight. I want to see their businesses thrive so it can inspire others to start their own one day. And I know that my purchase and support will help that business grow in the long run.

I want to highlight a few black owned businesses in Chicago that I’ve either been to or is on my bucket list. Since businesses are starting to open up again, I hope that people will check out black own businesses and continue to support the cause.

Semicolon– Semicolon Bookstore & Gallery is a black woman owned store in the West Loop. They host different events from wellness, art events, and book conversations. Created by DL Mullen in 2016, she wanted to bring the ultimate bookstore experience to everyone. Also, Semicolon gives back to the community by giving back to CPS in the form of books to up the literacy rates. This is a place where you can relax, buy new books, and being BYOB doesn’t hurt!

Bettye O Day Spa– Located in Hyde Park, Bettye O Day Spa specializes in having the first class experience for their customers. They make sure that guests are relaxed to have a tranquil experience. Bettey Odom wanted to bring her knowledge that she learned in Paris, to the African American community in Chicago. They specialize in facials, massages, mani/pedi, and so much more. They want to make sure that they address all concerns for all people of color when it comes to their skin.

Buddy Guy’s Legend- Located in the South Loop, Buddy Guy’s Legend is one of the few blues clubs left in Chicago. The club opened in 1989 by the blues musician Buddy Guy, who still comes to the club and performs when he’s in town. Also, hosting weekly events and having different artists come and perform. Besides seeing artists perform, guests can enjoy a Louisiana style menu while they listen to music.

Paul Chambers Salon– Paul Chambers Salon is located in the south loop co owned by Paul Chambers and Wendy Chambers. They’re passionate about educating clients and salon professionals about hair, especially when it comes to ethnic hair. They have clients from all backgrounds that come in to get their hair done. Plus, a thriving hair care line of products that they sell in the salon and online.

Batter & Berries– In 2012 Dr. Tanya & Craig Richardson brought a world class dining experience to the brunch scene. They wanted to bring the freshest food to their customers to experience no matter where they came from. Located in Lincoln Park, Batter & Berries are known for their world class French Toast and playing Chicago house music. I would highly recommend coming early since they do fill up very quickly. It’s first come first serve, but they do have a waitlist you can put your name on to get a table.

360 Mind Body and Soul– Located near the south side, 360 Mind Body and Soul is all about changing how people feel about fitness and themselves. They encourage their team and customers to stay motivated, manifest their goals, and find balance. This fitness center opened in 2010 by Ashanti Johnson. She struggled with her own weight issues, but she was able to figure out how to help herself on her own journey. Now she brings that knowledge to her team and customers to reach their own goals.

By Raven Palmer

The Irish American Heritage Center 


The Irish community has a long history in the city of Chicago going back to the 1850s. With so much history in the community, there’s so much celebration when it comes to being Irish. From the St. Patrick’s day parade in the loop, South Side Irish Parade, and even dying the river green. The Irish Community has  a lot to be proud about when it comes to their culture.

Irish American Heritage Center

The Irish American Heritage Center has been around since 1976 and opened around 1985. They’re the only Irish American Center in the city and state with members around the country. They host events for their community and other communities as well. Like many other organizations, a lot of their events have either been cancelled or postponed. Closing the center means they have to cancel events and everything they do there. The center would’ve been preparing for Irish Fest that they host at the center in July. With Covid-19, they’re main priority is their community and keeping everyone  safe. They’re rescheduling events for later in the year or into next year. Even though they can’t do in person events, they have switched over to doing virtual events like yoga sessions on their Facebook page. Also, making sure to stay in touch with the community and keeping everyone up to date as possible.

The Irish American Heritage Center has years of history and culture in Chicago. They keep their community and generations connected to their history. They even provide genealogy research so people can trace back their roots. Also, having a pub where people can eat, drink, and enjoy themselves doesn’t hurt. Hopefully, when we can get back to our new normal everyone can check out and learn more about the Irish community at the center.

Make sure to check out their website to learn more

by Raven Palmer

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many restaurants have shuttered their sit down services. But this doesn’t mean they’re closed! Help flatten the curve and support local businesses by exploring a different culture through food you can take home. Take a look at these Chicago favorites that are offering takeout, delivery, or curbside pickup.

Chicago Board Game Cafe – 

Chicago Board Game Cafe offers traditional and home-style Vietnamese and Spanish food for delivery or pickup. Finding yourself bored on quarantine? Order the Dinner & a Game package, and get a brand new game with your meal. 

Futatsaki Ramen – 

Eat Futatsaki’s famous Ramen and other traditional Japanese dishes. Call (773) 561-9999 for Take-out or use delivery options like Grub-hub or Door-dash

San Soo Gab San – 

Try the only Korean BBQ in Chicago with a Michelin BIB Gourmand award from home! San Soo Gab San is offering takeout and delivery options like Door-dash. 

Galit – 

Get delicious middle easter food from award-winning chefs with curbside pickup from Galit. Call  (773) 360-8755 to place an order for classic foods like hummus and pita, tabouli, and more. 

Topo Gigio – 

Take your tastebuds to Italy with Topo Grigio’s fine Italian cuisine. Considered one of the top Italian restaurants in Chicago, Topo Grigio is open for pick up and delivery through Door Dash. Call (312)266-9355 from 4pm-9pm daily to order.

Vajra – 

Try one of Chicago’s favorite Napolese and Indian food at Vajra. Check out classics like tikka masala and tandoori, and a wide assortment of vegetarian options. Vajra is available for pickup and deliveries via caviar, grubhub, doordash, uber eats, and postmates.  

by Maura Maguire

maxresdefault-750x422Milwaukee has been missing something like this, and after attending a few pretty fantastic events at Best Place recently my hopes were high. It really is an impressively unique and genuine space, regardless of your level of fondness for the brew of choice (PBR’s just not my cup of tea). I’m glad to see that the team at this location is taking the bull by its horns and trying to do new things. Maybe in a couple of years, this will be an event that becomes a staple of the MKE holiday season, but it’s not quite there yet.

The food was decent, reasonably priced and promptly served. Bavarian classics such as brats, schnitzel, pretzels, sauerkraut and the like gave it a welcome Oktoberfest-goes-to-overtime feel. The drink selection was a little disappointing in both range and value. There was an option to buy a small mug of glühwein for $7 with $5 refills, which just didn’t feel like a mind blowing offer given the serving size. Beer was similarly pricey and also on the small side. For Chicago’s market – sure, but this isn’t even downtown Milwaukee, so you’d hope for a little better value.

The vendors and entertainment were full of local spirit and authenticity. The sight of a few middle aged gents wearing short, tight lederhosen on a brisk November evening shows an impressive albeit slightly unnecessary level of commitment to the craft. Ein prosit to you, good sirs, and may we see you again next year, hopefully alongside a few more vendors, a less cramped layout and cheaper drinks.

Summer is the festival season in Chicago.. after surviving another looong Chicago winter.. Chicagoans revel in and savor every day of summer. This year particularly we seem to have skipped right into summer from Winter.. barely having a few days of Spring.. or so it seems.
Here’s a list of some of the festivals you don’t want to miss..

Bike the Drive in Chicago



a guitar player

Millennium Park Music Series Select Mondays & Thursdays, June – August 2020

Navy Pier Summer Fireworks June 13 – Sept. 5, 2020

Hyde Park Brew Fest June 2020

Millennium Art Festival June 26 – 28, 2020

Chicago Summerdance June 25 – Aug. 22, 2020

Chicago Pride Parade Postponed 

Chicago Pride Fest Postponed to September 2020

Logan Square Arts Fest Canceled for 2020

57th Street Art Fair Canceled for 2020

Ribfest Chicago Canceled for 2020

Pride in the Park Canceled for 2020

Chicago Blues Festival Canceled for 2020

Taste of Randolph Canceled for 2020

Grant Park Music Festival Canceled for 2020


Rainbow Ice cream at Taste of Chicago

Millennium Park Music Series Select Mondays & Thursdays, June – August 2020

Navy Pier Summer Fireworks June 13 – Sept. 5, 2020

Rhythm World June 15 – July 26, 2020

Chicago Summerdance June 25 – Aug. 22, 2020

Fourth Of July Fireworks At Navy Pier July 4, 2020

Windy City Ribfest In Uptown July 3 – 5, 2020

African/Caribbean International Festival Of Life July 3 – 5, 2020

Taste of Chicago July 8–12, 2020

Windy City Smokeout July 10 – 12, 2020

Bastille Day Chicago July 2020

Southport Art & Music Fest July 11 – 12, 2020

Roscoe Village Burger Fest July 11 – 12, 2020

Dearborn Garden Walk July 2020

Taste of River North July 17 – 19, 2020

Sheffield Street Fest July 17 – 19, 2020

Artfest Michigan Avenue July 18 – 19, 2020

Wicker Park Fest July 24 – 26, 2020

Lincoln Square Greek Fest July 2020

Randolph Street Market Festival July 25 – 26, 2020

Taste Of Lincoln Avenue July 25 – 26, 2020

Chicago Margarita Festival July 2020

Fiesta Del Sol July 30 – Aug. 2, 2020

Jeff Fest July 31 – Aug. 2, 2020

Lollapalooza July 30 – Aug. 2, 2020

Chalk Howard Street Canceled for 2020

4th of 53rd Parade Canceled for 2020

Pitchfork Music Festival Canceled for 2020

Grant Park Music Festival Canceled for 2020

Irish American Heritage Festival Canceled for 2020

West Fest Canceled for 2020

Chosen Few DJs Picnic & Music Festival Canceled for 2020


DJ on stage at Lollapalooza facing the crowd

Millennium Park Music Series Select Mondays & Thursdays, June – August 2020

Navy Pier Summer Fireworks June 13 – Sept. 5, 2020

Fiesta Del Sol July 30 – Aug. 2, 2020

Edge Fest Aug. 1 – 2, 2020

Chicago Summerdance June 25 – Aug. 22, 2020

Lollapalooza July 30 – Aug. 2, 2020

Jeff Fest July 31 – Aug. 2, 2020

Ginza Festival Aug. 7 – 9, 2020

Retro On Roscoe Aug. 7 – 9, 2020

Festival Cubano Aug. 7 – 9, 2020

Chicago Hot Dog Fest August 2020

Bud Billiken Parade August 2020

Northalsted Market Days Aug. 8 – 9, 2020

My House Music Festival August 2020

Edison Park Fest Aug. 14 – 16, 2020

Glenwood Avenue Arts Fest Aug. 14 – 16, 2020

Chicago Air & Water Show Aug. 15 – 16, 2020

Pilsen Fest Aug. 17 – 18, 2020

Sangria Festival Aug. 15 – 16. 2020

Chicago Women’s Funny Festival Aug. 20 – 23, 2020

Belmont-Sheffield Music Fest Aug. 22 – 23, 2020

Chicago Taco & Tequila Fest Aug. 29 – 30, 2020

Ruido Fest Aug. 21 – 23, 2020

Ukrainian Days Festival Aug. 22 – 23, 2020

Taste Of Greektown Aug. 21 – 23, 2020

Square Roots Music Festival Aug. 28 – 30, 2020

Chicago Triathlon Aug. 29 – 30, 2020

Chicago Jazz Festival Aug. 28 – Sept. 6, 2020

Great American Lobster Fest August/September 2020

Grant Park Music Festival Canceled for 2020

Oak Park Microbrew Review Canceled for 2020

South Shore Summer Festival Canceled for 2020


Note: A stay-at-home order is in effect for the state of Illinois through May 30, 2020. All events are subject to change and cancellation. We strongly recommend confirming the status of upcoming events by reaching out directly to the venue or ticket provider.


Chicago festival & event guide