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American Explorer and the Uptown Event

American Explorer and the Uptown Event

We here at Ethnic Events pride ourselves with wanting to provide cultural exploration/experiences wherever and whenever possible to clients. In the time since our creation, we managed to achieve this goal many times—even during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, where the event scene took a massive hit due to widespread cancellations and lockdowns.


With the Chicagoland area having recently begun its reopening process, there is no better time than to make a special announcement: we have successfully launched our new American Explorer program! Events in this program have already occurred, and we have a new one coming up on Thursday in the Uptown neighborhood. Before we get more into that however, first things first…


What is American Explorer?

American Explorer is our newest program for exciting cultural experiences. Through our event coordinators and cultural experts, we are able to create accessible ways in which you’ll be able to discover the various cultures present in your community. (Not just that, but you might be able to make great connections as well!) These discoveries can come about through a plethora of different events: wine tastings, musical venues, dining outings, and more.


The American Explorer program is also able to configure these experiences to the goals of both corporations and teams. We hope that the program is able to foster positive relationships between groups, where everyone is able to meet others from various different backgrounds and cultures. That way, these relationships can help foster innovation through a healthy global mindset.


As mentioned earlier, we have already hosted events in this program: the first was held on June 30th at the Greek Islands Restaurant in Greektown, and the second was held on July 22nd at 5 Rabanitos Restaurante & Taqueria in Pilsen. Supplementary blog posts that are related to these events are on our website and are listed below:



The Uptown Event

Our upcoming American Explorer event will be held this Thursday (August 12th) at 6 PM in the Uptown neighborhood. We will be holding a get-together at the Demera Ethiopian Restaurant, where we will be eating some delicious Ethiopian cuisine! The event itself has been labeled as “An Evening in Ethiopia.”


The Demera Ethiopian Restaurant first opened all the way back in 2007, and has been the talk of the Uptown neighborhood ever since. It has won numerous awards, both of the local and national varieties, and has become a staple of Chicago’s Ethiopian-American community. Tickets for the event cost $25, which will include two complimentary items: an appetizer and a drink of your choice.


We hope to see you there!





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