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Exploring Pilsen’s Street Murals

Exploring Pilsen’s Street Murals

Located on the west side of Chicago, Pilsen is known for its rich Latino culture. There is no shortage of authentic South and Central American cuisine, art galleries, live shows, and nightlife scenes. One of the most alluring aspects of Pilsen is the street murals which cover the neighborhood, showcasing the different styles and cultures of the artists.

As I was driving through Pilsen, I came across huge walls covered in art which can be seen from blocks away. The art styles differ between artists – some use spray-paint while others use colored tiles.

However, the one characteristic that all the murals have in common is that they spread a social message. The murals blend art and activism, for example the mural below which reads, “We need to work hard to make the world better” and, “Stop killin’ each other, start comin’ together.”

Along 16th street there are a series of murals that have been there for decades, and their social messages still stand today. Pilsen is a neighborhood where self-expression is encouraged, and naturally artists use their talent to communicate the causes that they are passionate about.


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